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Our Partners/Subcontractors and Suppliers

We believe in quality. So, we stick with only the brands that offer us the best of quality and sustenance of the culture of maintenance.  Thus, we carefully choose our brands from a wide range available in the marketplace.  Our equipment, spares and materials are carefully selected and come from the world’s famous and time-tested brands and partners who adhere strictly to quality.

Most importantly, our equipment and materials come from partners who believe in our vision and commitment to making the environment safe, secured and prosperous, based on the care for the aspirations and survival of the future generations.

Similarly our subcontractors are also carefully selected and must sign to a code of ethical standards and behaviour for best quality, safety of the workplace, environment and the care of the people and communities where we operate, work and live.  We believe in the empowerment of local communities and leaving positive footprints when we deliver our clients’ projects in those communities.





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