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Kakatar, formally Mangrovetech, is a Nigerian company with global outlook, founded and incorporated in 2002 as a multi-discipline engineering company.

Our vision is to carve out a niche as a first-class engineering company with technological innovations to accomplish major engineering infrastructure for governments and other clients.  From humble beginning, Kakatar has grown to a national player in the construction industry and is now arguably the most improved indigenous company in Nigeria.

Today, Kakatar is a group of companies which has in its fold other entities through which it accomplishes its vision and mission.  They are:

Kakatar CE – Otherwise known as Kakatar Construction and Engineering Company. This is the engineering arm of the Kakatar Group and focuses on the design and implementation of infrastructural projects including all road types, bridges, public and private buildings, water systems, electrical systems, etc.

Kakatar EL - Otherwise known as Kakatar Equipment and Leasing Company.  This is the plants and machines arm of the Kakatar Group.  It acquires and manages equipment and plants for the implementation of the projects of Kakatar CE and for lease to clients who need equipment to achieve their projects.

Kakatar FF - Otherwise known as Kakatar Furniture and Fittings Company.  This is the furniture and fittings making arm of the Kakatar Group, which designs and makes a range of furniture and fittings.

Kakatar Electrics - This is the electrical arm of the company. It designs electrical systems and circuits as well as undertakes major electrical contracting and installations such as power greed, power distributions networks and power generation systems, etc.

All these companies work in sync with each other, and together they achieve the mission and vision of the Kakatar Group.

At Kakatar, a major plank of our mission is to strive to implement projects timeously and to accomplish them in such a way that surpasses the expectation of our clients. This entails doing things out of the ordinary, including add-ons, to meet international standards and best practices. We always strive to do the little add-ons to clients’ projects above the standards set by the clients themselves.

Kakatar is now Nigeria’s indigenous leader in civil engineering infrastructure, the only Nigerian company with Grade A League of Construction and Engineering companies with foreign construction companies in Nigeria. It is focused to achieving specially tailored results unexpected in the environment in which the company operates.

Kakatar is a mine for innovative engineering talents in Nigeria.  Innovation and technology is our watchword and our focus is to become a global brand in construction and engineering.

We are proudly Nigerian. Kakatar is Nigeria’s own emerging construction giant. We are the only wholly indigenous Nigerian company that has the privilege of building the civil infrastructure of a district in Nigeria’s Federal Capital City of Abuja, successfully building one of the longest bridges in the nation’s capital with wholly indigenous Nigerian Engineers.


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